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I had an illumination for my next tattoo!
what do you think?
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sunset © Joanna RB
Zalew Sulejowski, Tresta Rządowa, Poland
2 days ago
"mom feed meeee"
<3 #fatty #kitty
2 days ago

Beskid Śląski, PolandSource

more Poland amazingness
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ALL ACROSS the UNIVERSE Aurora / Cosmos /Nebula / ☀nebula on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/52415982/via/WonderlandJeng
3 days ago
#Ricotta and #spinach #tortellini nomnomnom #dinner :P
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4 days ago

Perfect timing for blueberry season… I’m definitely making these.

MORE reasons to go live in Poland: PIEROGI.I fucking need to make them, both the regular ones and the blueberry ones :P
i’m getting obsessed lol
4 days ago

Forest in Poland.

omg it’s perfect. I decided I’m gonna live in Poland. They always tell me I look like a Polish girl, it’s a sign!
4 days ago
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I have thousand projects in my mind.
I need info and start sorting which are good ones. Let’s start.
does anyone know something about modeling for Suicide Girls?

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Anon is always on but I won't answer anonymous questions if they are too personal or too stupid. If you feel like your question is too personal and I may not answer that just don't be anon and let me know you want me to answer that provately.

I don't want negativity on my blog^^